I am the first-generation descendant of a Jewish, Euro-Latin American, Middle-Eastern family. My name is Eric Kehela, last name pronounced keh-hee-la; sounds similar to tequila {which is what my P.E. teacher called me throughout middle school}.

This is my platform to share with you my latest dreams, insights, intuitive feelings, premonitions, songs, videos and writings. Whether it’s a daily blurb, a tip, recipe, or a daily mantra, my website is geared towards self-improvement and inspiration.

I create and inspire. I am passionate about healthy living, spirituality and being a part of the L.G.B.T.Q.Q.I.A+ community.


If you don’t know my name, now you do!

“Shine brighter than a beacon.

You don’t have to be a star to shine bright!

Reach for the galaxies, shoot beyond the stars and always aim with your heart.”

 ~ Eric Kehela

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